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Entera offers human capital consulting services to executive teams and family offices (FOs), as well as individuals. Teams and FOs are ripe with the potential for ineffectiveness, inefficiencies, misalignment, wasted costs, and reduced profits due to sub-optimal cultural norms and dissention. Intergenerational discussions of wealth management are fraught with opportunities for disconnection, suspicion, and friction. The delta between the vision of the founders and the reality of all stakeholders can cause significant pain.

We perform interventions that create the psychological safety which enables rapid de-confliction, mission clarity, accountability, alignment, and better financial performance. We have extensive experience in organizational and personal development with Fortune 500 firms and their leaders as well as personal knowledge of the realities of FOs. This direct experience enables us to effectively deliver knowledge and protocols that support higher function, satisfaction, and returns all within a solid container of confidentiality and discretion.

Kyra Kuhn is an experienced executive and board member with 30+ years of working with startups and both for-profit and nonprofit organizations to assist them in achieving their strategic objectives.  She engages with leaders, individuals and teams to help them move beyond what may seem to be insurmountable barriers to change.  Kyra is equally skilled in seeing the big picture as well as problem-solving the details. She is a talented team builder and collaborator, widely respected for her abilities to bring diverse perspectives together to achieve extraordinary results.

Kyra has spent the last decade developing and delivering transformative leadership training programs for her clients and consulting in the women’s leadership and gender partnership development space.  She has worked with the men and women of senior executive teams from Fortune 20-500 companies such as Cardinal Health, Hertz, Pfizer, and Walmart, as well as government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.  After receiving a BA in Math and Economics from Wheaton College (Norton, MA), her professional career began in venture capital at Accel Partners and includes positions in corporate communications, business development, and public relations.

She lives in San Rafael, CA with her entrepreneurial husband of 30 years and her dog.  She has a wonderful daughter who lives and works in Portland, Oregon.


Kyra Maes Kuhn
Founder &
Principal Consultant
About Kyra
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